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Stripes and stars! For some reason every time the ¬†4th of July rolls around I feel the need to go out shopping for an American Flag shirt and I never seem to find one that fits my style…but this year I found the perfect shirt at Pacific Sun. Its got this amazing vintage urban feel to it and its trendy! For the 4th of July I’m usually running around having a good time, its an occasion to wear shorts and comfy coach sneeks.¬†Easy breezy kind of stuff!



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For When You Care but Not Enough: Business Party

I’ve gone to a few “Business Party’s” you know…”CEO Bros and Secretary Girls” and in all honestly I like to dress up and love theme parties but I also LOVE to be comfortable and be myself. In my eyes nothing yells out business more than a button down. So when I go/went to a business costume party I button on a clean Ralph Lauren shirt (super class ;) ) and pair it with distressed shorts. If I would have paired it with anything other than the shorts I would’ve felt like I aged a few years. This combo keeps it modern (so i think) and its super comfortable.

IMG_3177IMG_3163 - CopyIMG_3146

I might add this look is a little tomboy-ish, in my eyes, but that’s how my looks tend to be. I guess maybe piling on some make-up giving myself a smokey eye and wearing some sequins shoes will add a little sparkle and femininity to the look.



To me this is party ready! Comfy shirt, comfy shoes and a little bling…I think I look cute…yeah?